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If you are a member of the Family Child Care Association of Maine (FCCAM) or Maine AEYC receive a FREE certificate for professional hours accepted by Licensing in Maine by completing and submitting an online “Reflection Activity” for that training.

Not a member of FCCAM or MaineAEYC? That’s easy to correct. Just click on the link provided here for the Association you wish to join:

Family Child Care Association of Maine


For those that do not want to join either organization, but want the certificate of professional hours, you will need to pay $5 for 1 hour; $10 for 1.5 hours; $10 for 2 hours. For Non-members after viewing a training, complete the Non-member Reflection Activity form, pay the invoice you will receive and your certificate will be emailed to you.

Member Reflection Activity form OR Non-member Reflection Activity form

All data collected as part of the Reflection Activity is maintained by the PLC.

The PLC is a volunteer committee and we do our best to get needed invoices and certificates out in as timely a manner as possible, usually within a week for each necessary step.

The FCCAM 24/7 trainings at this time are either recorded video/webinars or “written” trainings. The “written” training is a newer style that shares the presenter’s thoughts, notes and experiences in a written format. This format resembles a blog post with sections built out for easier navigation. Material shared in a “written” training can be saved in multiple ways with the linked resources easily being bookmarked for future reference. Training type is noted for each archived training following the title.

Book Making in an Early Childhood Education Program (A “How to” training) (2 hrs) – recorded video **the reflection activity noted as part of the presentation is not required. Complete the Reflection Activity below instead.

Handmade books offer a wonderful opportunity to take books beyond just literacy. Making books engages children in the process of making a useful item. They are using skills in math, fine motor, and problem solving. They are working on following directions, cooperation and patience. They also experience a sense of accomplishment when their book is “published”. In this webinar you will be guided through the construction of 6 homemade books that are appropriate for making with children.

Google Drive in My Family Child Care (1.5 hrs) – “written” training

Google Drive in My Family Child Care starts with setting up the free gmail account needed for Google Drive. We then proceed through initial set-up of your Google Drive, getting into specifics on Documents, Sheets, and Forms. We will discuss how a family child care provider can make use of Google Drive for business records, eportfolios, handbook, etc.

Let’s Look at Biting and Young Children (1 hr) – “written” training

Biting is an instinctive behavior often seen in infants, toddlers, and 2-year olds. It is also an upsetting behavior. Parents of a biter get embarrassed and worry that they may lose care. Providers fear parental anger, blame and even legal action. The parents of the bitten child get upset and worry about their child’s safety. Let’s Look at Biting and Young Children is a sharing of what I found useful for prepping my environment, communicating with all parents of child in my care and supporting “my biter”.

Developing a Website For Your Business ( 2-1/2 hr.) – written and video

This training is about using WordPress to create a business website. It is remarkably easier to do today. The goals of this training are to: 1) Help providers feel comfortable with activating their own website. 2) Be able to begin posting material on the site using posts, pages, and widgets.

Using Seesaw in Family Child Care (1 hr.) – written and video

For family child care providers seesaw offers a free platform for development of individual child portfolios and a strong communication channel with families. Seesaw is a platform that is usable across all devices. This basic training will get you started setting up your “class”, posting to a child’s journal and sending family announcements.

Children’s Book Discussion trainings are offered to help expand learning for children beyond just the sharing of the written word.

Bear Snores On series by Karma Wilson – written ~ 2 hrs. certificate

Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae – recorded ~ 1 hr certificate

Invisible String by Patrice Karst – recorded ~ 1 hr certificate

Monster at the End of This Book ( Sesame Street) – recorded ~ 1 hr certificate

Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner -written ~ 1.5 hrs. certificate

Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature by Joyce Sidman – recorded ~ 1 hr certificate

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