Widgets are a major part of a multi-columned website. Widgets are the tools for building up the resources linked in the sidebar(s) and footers of your website. Widgets can be rearranged just like the pages in the menu. They can be edited or totally removed. They can be text, image or even video. They are especially useful for linking to outside resources – other websites, material you develop and store off the site, pages within the site, etc.

As shown briefly in the “Posts, Pages and Menu” video widgets are not too difficult to make. The following video will walk through forming a widget that is a link to a weekly menu, as well as, a general look at how widgets are used on the Growing Together website to share information required by licensing, QRIS and that support the website as a marketing tool.

Widgets (18 min)

We hope that you found this basic training has met the stated goals: 1) Help providers feel comfortable with activating their own website to support their small business. 2) Be able to begin posting material on the site using posts, pages, and widgets.

Whether you decide to start a website or not, if you want the 2 hr. certificate for this training be sure to submit the appropriate Reflection Activity form found on the 24/7 Archived Training Home page.

FCCAM encourages providers to reach out to the Professional Learning Committee (fccam.professionallearning@gmail.com) if they are interested is more support around starting and/or building out a website to support their family child care business.

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