Gluten Free Playdough

Touch and taste safe cooked playdough.

This is a recipe it is strongly recommended to follow the measurements on.

Being a cooked playdough it lasts an incredible amount of time as long as it is in a closed/airtight container. Ziplock bags are ok, but lidded containers are best. The color of this dough will be a bit on the brown side if you use brown rice flour. Using white rice flour gives a dough that is close to white in color. Adding vanilla for scent will also darken the playdough.

This dough can be adapted for color (food coloring), scent (spices, vanilla). If use essential oils playdough is no longer taste safe. You can even add some texture with botanicals, such as lavender, mint. If use fresh the playdough will not last as long as if use dried botanical.

This dough is still very warm when ready to knead. It is safer for adult or an older child to begin the kneading. The dough cools down fairly quickly, so younger children can still participate in this sensory/tactile experience.

This was a great activity by itself for all children. To include everyone just divide the dough into balls and let the children knead away. You can add a few drops of food coloring to each ball of playdough, rather than to the original dough mass. **Food coloring on hands takes a while to wash off. Tip for littles: adult does the first kneading of color in and then passes the dough balls to littles to continue.

** If children use different colors of this playdough together to build an item the colors will blend if they get kneaded together.

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