“Snowmen At Night” Introduction and Welcome

Welcome to this “written” training. In this training I have done my best to explain why and how I approach the use of books in my curriculum. I’ve focused the shared information around “Snowmen At Night” by Caralyn Buehner, which was a benefit of FCCAM membership in 2019. 

For this training I want to focus on the snowmen part of the unit. What I am going to share is gathered from my personal experiences working with children over 40 years, as an elementary classroom teacher and a family child care provider. The beauty of working with children, rather than having one “right” way there are multiple ways to provide learning opportunities. I hope that what I share allows you to broaden your reflection on how you might include “Snowmen At Night” or other books about snowmen in your work with children. 

This training is broken out into sections that I hope will make it easier to follow, pull material from and return to in support of both your professional development and your future work with children.

Approaches to Learning & Social and Emotional Develop

Reading Standards for Literature

Early Language and Literacy



Physical Development and Health

Creative Arts

Anyone viewing this training is expected to be respectful of confidentiality. All content provided in this training is considered to be under Copyright and is not to be shared outside the training. 

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