Technology Meets My Family Child Care

Welcome to this “written” training. Today’s technology has changed so much about our daily lives and incorporating it into my business practices and my family child care at large had a positive impact on my program. I’ll always be learning, but my comfortable level has improved over the years. I will never be a natural, but I’m comfortable with the tools I’ve been working with.

In this training I’d like to share with you my journey around incorporating technology into my family child care business with the goals of improving organization, making more efficient use of time and saving money.

The addition of any tool or resource that I add to my program needs to support my work, not make things harder. In this training I’ll share the positive changes technology brought to my practices improving my communication with families, supporting quality practices in the education of young children and the required record keeping for a legal, sustainable family child care business. For this training the term “technology” relates to any tool having a connection with the web/internet, but technology as defined in The Free Dictionary can really stretch to mean any gadget that solves a problem.

Over the years, I’ve found many providers to be uncomfortable when the conversion heads to “talk about technology”. I totally understand, as that’s where I once was in regards to my business practices, but never to my work with children. I’ve always believed that children need to have opportunities to learn how to use any resources available to them. To my thinking this should be no different for an iPad, CD player, digital microscope, scissors or a hot glue gun. Used responsibly tools are good. I needed to be open to learning about working with the quickly changing world of technology if I was going to support the children in my care. 

While I have been actively using technology since 2006, I am not an expert by any means and continue to challenge myself to learn more. I know first-hand you do not need to have special knowledge to take advantage of the tools out there today. I’ve figured out that I just had to get over being afraid I’d lose everything with one click. One click and it’s gone hasn’t happened, but I lost a good bit of gathered resources when my harddrive crashed. Thankfully at that point in time I was backing material up off the computer. Now, backing up or saving my work happens pretty automatically with the platforms I use.

This training is broken out into sections that I hope will make it easier to follow, pull material from and return to in support of both your professional development and your future work with children.


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