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Some will see “Form” listed in the sidebar, but others will need to click on the MORE in the drop down under “New” to get to Google Forms. The Form icon is purple.

I use Google Forms for requirements to maintain my QRIS step. I developed an annual family survey where families could complete a survey about my child care program. (I developed the survey after taking a Strengthening Families training.) This form of survey allows families to complete it quickly online and I have a spreadsheet of the responses that is timestamped. I have this survey linked on my business website (in the bottom footer) and just remind families about completing it, but you could just provide them with the url link when you wanted it completed.

Another usage is for an assessment checklist. I built this from the assessment sheets that I used with my preschoolers. I put copies of the assessment sheets into clear notebook sleeves that children could mark up with dry erases markers or crayons, which saved printing. Having the checklist in this online form allowed me to quickly mark while children completed assessment. I then got a timestamped spreadsheet which not only allowed me to see individual development, but also looking at the program as a wole to see if I was missing areas for instruction.

General observations during daily activities

Preschool Assessment Checklist

I also built a form to handle the yearly self assessment I needed to complete about my program. I could then build professional and program goals from this assessment. Again I did a spreadsheet with timestamp and I could compare results over the years. My self assessment actually has multiple forms to easily break out areas: 

  • Interactions, Curriculum, Physical Environment, and Health, Safety & Nutrition
  • Different Ways Family Child Care Providers Can Facilitate Friendships and Mutual Support
  • Different Ways Family Child Care Providers Can Strengthen Parenting

Self Assessment (program)

Here’s an 18 min. Video on Google Forms

Using Google Drive I use way less paper and have lower ink costs for printing off handbooks, portfolios and weekly newsletters. It has allowed me to arrange a structure of organization that works, yet I can change as I learn something new, or have a new licensing requirement, thus saving me time. Google Drive has been a win for me for years. Lower cost, better use of time = good business practices = sustainable business.

I hope this training has answered some of your questions around the benefits I’ve found using Google Drive within your family child care business. I hope that it has gotten you thinking that technology can be a real support and it’s very doable. I’m always happy to talk about this topic and love to hear what others find works for them.

Don’t forget you will need to complete the Reflection Activity Form (found below) before your certificate of training can be sent to you.

Reflection Activity: Submit information on how you have begun using “Drive” as part of your business and/or work with children. 


  • a url link for a sign/out spreadsheet
  • Share resource you downloaded into a folder
  • Share screenshot of your “Drive” home page showing folders or files you are setting up and organizing
  • Write a brief paragraph about something you have been inspired to set up in your “Drive” from the material and resources provided through this webinar

Include your example on the member Member Reflection Form. Or non-member Reflection Form.

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