Google Sheets

Click the “New” button, find “Google Sheets” and if you want a template page click the >. If you just click the “Google Sheets” you will get the default blank page. You will see a green sheet icon.

Google Sheets looks like most other spreadsheets (Excel or Numbers) and operates pretty much the same.

Sheets is an area I’m working to get better at. I need more concentrated time to get a more comfortable handle on time saving spreadsheet shortcuts. Record keeping organization is ongoing for me. I find there is always room for fine tuning. For now I’m ok with the basic formation of a spreadsheet and that’s worked fine for keeping attendance, family financial records, and fire drills. I also use sheets for my tax records. 

Here’s a 19 min video for beginners in Google Sheets, that does a much better job of explaining how sheets works than I ever could.

Here’s another 15 min. video I have viewed and used to further explore sheets with. The presenter is a little harder for me to understand, but the shared knowledge I found helpful, so I did a bit of pausing while viewing.

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