Starting with “Folders”

To start my Google Drive I first added folders that I would be using to organize my business. You can just bring in files/documents, but I wanted to save time in organizing, so I built my starting folders. Over time these folders have been added to and also some have been renamed. All easy to do.

To add a folder click on the button. You will get a dropdown list of what you can produce. Click on “folder” and a new box will appear asking you to name the folder, click “create”. Once that is done the folder will appear in your Drive.

You also have the option to add folders by clicking on “My Drive” and the same dropdown menu opens there.

I use the side bar “New” button as I don’t like the location of the dropdown menu under “My Drive”. I use the side bar for most of my navigation in Google Drive.

Once you have folders you can start to bring in (“upload”) or generate material to load into them. Folders can sit empty, just waiting. You can also trash folders at any time they are not wanted any more.

So you have folders in your drive, now let’s see what you can do……..

If you have materials already built and/or saved on your desktop you can directly upload them to Google Drive. You do not need to rebuilt/retype them. Open up your Google Drive, find the material you want to upload, drag the icon for it onto the open Google Drive window and it automatically uploads.

You are shown what is being uploaded and the status.

If you have folders built and you know where you want the material you are uploading you can drag it right to that folder. When you see the folder highlighted release what you dragged and it will upload to the folder. To save time if I have a lot to add to a specific folder I open that folder and then drag everything directly to it. You can actually drag a full folder from your desktop and Google Drive will grab all of it, so you do not need to add each piece of material separately. 

Please remember that I’m not an expert in Google Drive. Like all platforms Google Drive adds updates. I have not dug into all these updates as I haven’t seen a need for them. How I used Google Drive worked for me as is. Once you start using Google Drive you might wish to explore more of the updates, again making this platform work for you.

I have included tutorial videos from 2019 and 2020 to provide you with the most current information on how Google Drive works in following sections. These might provide you with some alternatives that better suit your organization style. Having knowledge from more expert users as well as my experiences will hopefully allow you to find your way to including Google Drive in your business practices.

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