Where to Start for Google Drive

You need a free Gmail account to have your own Google Drive. You do not need to use it for anything other than to access Google Drive if you already have a different email account. Opening a Personal account is all you need. There is a Workplace Business account, but for a family child care I have not found it necessary. I would suggest if you are opening a new GMail account to use your business name for that GMail account. 

Once you have your GMail account you are ready to get your Google Drive organized. Google Drive works on any Browser. I’ve used Firefox and Safari, but find I like how Google Chrome works the best. 

Once in your GMail account you will see an icon and 9 dots in the upper right corner. Clicking on the dots opens a dropdown box where you will see everything that is part of your Google account.  

Find the Google Drive icon    , click it and you are taken to your Google Drive.  If you use Chrome for your browser you can set up apps under bookmarks as a landing page.

Click the Google Drive icon and you go to your Google Drive.

You can also get there by typing “google drive sign in” in the url search box.

I usually go in through my gmail account.

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